Our group has recently published a new article in the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry regarding the synthesis, structure and reactivity of metalated-CNP Iridium Complexes.

“Metalated Ir–CNP Complexes Containing Imidazolin‐2‐ylidene and Imidazolidin‐2‐ylidene Donors – Synthesis, Structure, Luminescence, and Metal–Ligand Cooperative Reactivity”

Congratulations to all the group! Especially to our missed Martín! 🇲🇽

You can read it at Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2020, 3944

Abstract: Ir complexes based on metalated CNP ligands containing either imidazolin‐2‐ylidene or imidazolidin‐2‐ylidene donors have been prepared, and their structure, photophysical properties, and reactivity towards bases and H2 have been compared. These studies allow to propose imidazolidin‐2‐ylidenes as new side donors in the design of proton‐responsive lutidine‐derived ligands.