Patricia Lara obtained her BSc (2004) and PhD (2009) degrees in Chemistry at the University of Sevilla. Her research experience involves different areas such as Organometallic Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry and Catalysis. During her predoctoral period, she studied the reactivity of an Ir complex stabilized with the hydrotris(3,5-dimethylpirazolyl)borate ligand (TpMe2) with different organic molecules. She did a predoctoral stay at the University of Illinois under the supervision of Prof. John Hartwig. After receiving his PhD, she undertook postdoctoral studies at the group of Dr. Bruno Chaudret and Dr. Karine Philippot (Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination du CNRS, Toulouse, France). In 2014, she gained a Juan de la Cierva Contract at the University of Seville to develop a project related to the synthesis of Pt nanoparticles and the study of their catalytic applications. Currently she is Assistant Professor at this University.

Current Research Areas

  • Ligand-stabilized metal nanoparticles: synthesis and surface studies.
  • Colloidal catalysis: (de)hydrogenation reactions for synthesis and H2-storage.

Selected recent publications:

1.- Leonardo C. Moraes, Rute C. Figueiredo, Juan P. Espinós, Florencia Vattier, Antonio Franconetti, Carlos Jaime, Bertrand Lacroix, Javier Rojo, Patricia Lara and Salvador Conejero. “Platinum nanoparticles stabilized by N-heterocyclic thiones. Synthesis and catalytic activity in mono- and di-hydroboration of alkynes” Nanoscale, 2020, 12, 6821.

2.- P. Lara, K. Philippot, A. Suárez. “Phosphane‐decorated Platinum Nanoparticles as Efficient Catalysts for H2 Generation from Ammonia Borane and Methanol” ChemCatChem 201911, 766.

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Recent patent applications:

A. Suárez Escobar, P. Lara Muñoz, K. Philippot. Noble metal nanoparticles coated with terphenylphosphine ligands for H2 generation from ammonia-borane and alcohols. Eur. Patent (2016)16382444.