Our group member Práxedes Sánchez has successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Synthesis, reactivity and catalytic applications of Ir and Ru complexes based on lutidine-derived pincer ligands”.

The evaluating committee was composed by Dr. Ana Caballero (Universidad de Huelva), Dr. Alexandr Shafir (Instituto de Química Avanzada de Cataluña, CSIC), Dr. Andrea Rossin (ICCOM-CNR, Firenze, Italy), Dr. Montserrat Oliván (Instituto de Síntesis Química y Catálisis Homogénea, CSIC) and Prof. M. Carmen Nicasio (Universidad de Sevilla).
Next month, Práxedes will join the Prokopchuk’s research group at Rutgers University (New Jersey, United States) to work in energy-related catalysis. Good luck in States!